Planning What You Want to Say:

Before recording your “Learning Glass Video”, it is helpful to have a strong idea of what you want to say and present. Scripts are not usually used when conducting a learning glass recording, thus you will need to be able to make it through your planned lesson from memory. Think of how you would conduct this lesson in a classroom environment. You wouldn’t work off of a script. Planning what you want to say before coming to the recording will help ensure that your recording session runs smoothly. Planning can help keep your video focused and increase viewer retention.

Consider these points as you prepare for your lecture:

‣ It is recommended to schedule a pre-recording meeting with the Multimedia Team so you can examine and practice writing on the learning glass before the day of the actual recording. This will help you plan your lectures better and see how to best accommodate your drawings on the glass.

‣ A pleasant introduction to the lecture will help remind your students which lecture they are watching. If you are recording a series of the same lecture, an intro to the first video will be more than enough.

‣ It is recommended to limit your lecture time to 10 to 15 minutes per video.

‣ Keep in mind that your “Learning Glass Videos” can be reused for future semesters, or for another course. We recommend that you avoid mentioning “time-sensitive” information. This includes the term and any due dates or assignments that may change from semester to semester.

What to Wear:

Please wear dark-colored clothing. Do NOT wear any clothing or jewelry containing any shades of of light colors. Since you will be recorded against a black backdrop, dark clothing will best ensure that your writing is visible in front of your clothing. We recommend wearing a black or dark blue long sleeve sweater, or shirt. Deep blue works well. Do not wear anything with a logo or text on it, as it will appear mirrored in the final version of the video.

Delivering Your Presentation:

Consider these suggestions when recording your Learning Glass video:
‣ When writing on the board, look at what you are writing. When talking about something on the board, point at it and look at it. When you aren’t writing or pointing, try your best to look at the camera.

‣ Leave a window for the camera to see your face. At the very least, try not to draw horizontal lines through your eyes or mouth.

‣ Don’t hold the marker while gesturing or pointing. Put it down, or hold it in your other hand.

‣ Markers are slow to erase and they smear ink. Every time there is a need to erase the glass, there will be a cut on the recording. Once the glass has been cleaned the recording will resume.

Be an engaging speaker. Vary your intonations, use humor and a conversational tone. Remember to smile and be yourself! Your main goal is to keep your listeners interested and focused. Pretend you are actually talking to a live audience.

Don’t worry about small mistakes. If you feel that you jumbled a phrase, don’t restart the lecture. You can always say, “Let me say that again,” and then restate your phrase just as you would in a traditional classroom.

Important Information:

  • Before the day of the recording, be sure to have an outline of your lecture(s).
  • Come prepared and dressed professionally. Remember to wear dark clothing.
  • The video will be flipped during post-production. Do not wear shirts with logos or text (it will appear mirrored in the final version).
  • Handwriting must be legible.

Learning Glass Video Samples:

Professor Paulo Gomes
MAN4504: ROP Model

Professor Butchey
FIN5307 – Lecture: Risk and Return