Explain Everything is an easy-to-use design, screencasting, and interactive whiteboard tool that lets you annotate, record (video and audio), animate, collaborate, and explore ideas, knowledge and understanding. Explain Everything provides teachers and students an opportunity to share thinking, reflect upon knowledge building, and assess both products and processes of learning.

Video Sample:
MAD 1100 – Lecture 2

Please note the Explain Everything app has been installed in the Multimedia Team iPad Pro.  It is not available to be lent out, so it has to be used inside the studio premises. ID’s if your professor would like to use it, make sure you notify us directly (SF case) and also reserve the Sound booth (MANGO 535) so your professor can record his/her voice and write comfortably using a desk.


Explain Everything supports learning experiences and educational practices in schools all over the world.

Draw and Annotate
Explain Everything has unique drawing algorithms that make your drawings and annotations look great, regardless of what you use – finger or stylus.

‣ Simple Interface
Starting out? Hide some of the advanced icons from the toolbar and make buttons bigger with Simple Interface option. When enabled it will change the interface to provide only the essential tools to help beginning users get a smooth start.

Import Photos, Videos, and Files
Insert and edit pictures, explain videos, work with documents, and presentation files.

‣ Move, Interact, and Record
Besides recording your handwriting and annotations, this app will let you record all your movements and interactions on the screen. Video as well as audio are recorded and presented in an easy to follow timeline.

‣ Add Text and Math Equations
Text boxes in Explain Everything allows for easy and simple text formatting and customization including wide set of fonts, full color range with opacity, borders, text alignment and text decoration.

‣ Infinite Canvas
You never run out of canvas space with Explain Everything. Use Zoom and Pan to zoom out infinitely on the entire stage for more space, zoom into details that hasn’t been previously visible, and pan around the stage for dynamic framing and animations.

Best Practices:

Before you begin recording using the “Explain Everything” app, it is helpful to have a strong idea of what you want to say and present. Planning ahead will definitely help you conduct a smooth recording. Consider these points as you prepare:

Write clear and consistently
Understanding what you write on the screen is crucial for your students to follow your lecture.

Audio quality
Even the most clear handwriting will suffer from bad audio quality. The quality of your voice is as important. A Multimedia associate can assist you reach the appropriate audio levels.

Keep lectures shorter than 8 – 10 mins
Explain Everything app has a recording limit at around 15 minutes. In order to prevent the app from not saving your video or crashing, please keep your videos under the 10 to 12 minutes mark. If you need to record more than 10 minutes, simply make multiple 10 minute video clips instead of a 30 minute video.

Conduct a test run
You most definitely do not want to lecture for 5 or 10 minutes and then find out the app has not been recording. Always conduct a short test run to make sure all the components (audio, video) are in place.