FIU Online has recently migrated all of its Mediasite video presentations to in-house FIU servers; which are hosted by the FIU Information Technology (FIU IT) department.  This move will bring better server and user experience to all, as well as faster turnaround time when it comes to technical support. With this transition, there is an updated URL link generated per previously recorded Mediasite video presentation.

All newer presentations recorded past October, 2016 should have been recorded in the new servers. Everything prior to that date was recorded in the old one. The old recording links are the ones that need to be updated.

Here’s a brief example, in the old server, the link would look like this: “,”

With the new FIU IT server the links changed to: “” However, the rest of the URL stays the same. Here is a more detailed example:

The old URL: must be replaced with the new URL: as soon as possible in order for the video presentations links to remain active. This way, the student experience will continue to run smoothly.

If you have any questions, feel free to contact the Multimedia Team.